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Granny’s Gas and Woodstoves 5799 Duncan Street, Duncan, BC  V9L 3W6 Phone: (250) 748-3908 Fax: (250) 748-3411 email: barb@grannystoves.ca
Granny's is your Source for Home Heating Granny's Gas and Woodstoves is a proud member of the Hearth Products Association of Canada. A flagship dealer of Regency products, Granny's is also an authorized dealer of Vermont Castings, Enviro, Magestic and Monesson stoves and fireplaces. Granny's staff are Gas Fitter Trade Certified and WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training) Certified.
Certified Appliances are Safe Appliances! Old, uncertified wood burning appliances are commonly found in Canadian homes. These appliances are now considered unsafe. In fact, without a WETT certificate most insurance companies will not insure your home. Uncertified stoves require significantly greater clearances; are subject to extremely convoluted installation rules; are constructed of inconsistent and often unreliable materials; and often constitute a serious fire hazard. In all situations, Canadian stoves must meet CSA International (formerly the Canadian Standards Association) standards. In emerging trends, many municipalities, building codes, environmental laws, etc. are requiring EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification. It is highly likely that EPA certification will soon be required in all home and business heating appliances. All of the fireplace products sold by Granny's are both CSA and EPA certified. We provide WETT certification with every installation job we complete. Investing in a new stove with professional installation is easily justified. Think of the price of peace of mind knowing your family and home are heated by an appliance that has been tested and proven safe. Think about amount of firewood you will save by burning as efficiently as possible. Think about reducing your carbon footprint on this planet we all call home.